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Risk-Based Thinking

Risk-Based ThinkingRisk-based Thinking

Risk-Based thinking is the basis of the new ISO 9001-2015.  Risk is identified in every section of the newly updated standard. Risk and Opportunities must not be confused or seen as the same thing.

Hazards are identified in the business model that the company operates within, the Risks of these hazards needs to be identified and addressed so management  are informed and can make informed business decisions.  Within these hazards there are many opportunities to create safety.

Crossing the road could be seen as a hazard, with the risk of an accident with a moving vehicle. When management are informed of this state they have the opportunity to think of a number of safer solutions: A pedestrian bridge over the road.  A walk tunnel under the road. Some countries have no cars crossing through downtown, pedestrians only.

Informed management can review the risk side of the problem and implement a number of possible solutions, being pre-warned means being pre-armed.  The final output is a hassle-free business relationship with clients and reduced costing for the company, this will result in client-satisfaction, and staff-satisfaction too.

written by: Roger D. Georgeson-Gunn (roger.georgesongunn@gmail.com)

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