About Us

SHIP Practitioners (Pty) Ltd was established in 1994 by Gilbert Dekenah, after identifying a need to form alliances with organisations to realize and rectify their SHERQ needs, by providing consultation service, training solutions and implementation of all aspects of SHERQ.

In order to attain the goals and objectives set by management, I as Managing Director of SHIP Practitioners (Mr Gilbert Dekenah) commit myself and my employees to the implementation of ISO 17020: 2012, SANAS Accreditation Body and Regulatory requirements.

  • SPECIFIC : SANAS 17020
  • MEASURABLE: An internal audit is carried out annually if needed more frequently, to determine whether all objects are met.
  • ACHIEVABLE: All employees have ongoing training and job specific certification to carry out specific objectives.
  • REALISTIC: SHIP has the necessary trained and certified employees to ensure our specific objectives are met.
  • TIMEOUS: Annually a review is conducted on the system and technical objectives to ensure they are still met. If necessary a review is carried out more frequently.

The SHIP Practitioners Team takes pride in assisting organisations to manage and meet their occupational health, safety and environmental risk and quality (SHERQ) needs, exceeding the minimum requirements set by the OHS Act 85 of 1993.

Accredited by the Department of Employment Labour, we are able to assist organisations to holistically meet, manage and address their diverse SHERQ needs.

In 2014 Specialized Help for Industries and People became a Pty Limited, and changed its name to SHIP Practitioners (PTY) LTD.  Spanning many Years of Experience in Occupational Hygiene we deliver service excellence. In the same year we were accredited by SANAS for quality according to ISOIEC 17020.

All our employees and consultants are highly qualified and certified as experts in their field. A team consisting of certified occupational safety specialists as well as environmental health experts all possess unmatched knowledge of occupational health, safety and environmental standards. All our employees and associates have a passion for SHERQ.